Auction Tumbler Real Estate (ATRE) - FAQ

What is the Auction Tumbler Real Estate (ATRE) Platform?
We are an online technology platform and physical brokerage that allows you to list your property with your local Multiple Listing Service for free. The listing is still created by a licensed Realtor(r) & brokerage. This innovative platform allows for us to streamline the sales process from beginning to end. You still get help and guidance if necessary, everything is still completed through all legal channels via the brokerage and title company of your choosing.
How much is your service?
We charge a 1% only when your property sells/closes. The funds are deducted from the payout via the title company and paid directly to the broker on file. There are no additional hidden fees.
What is the main difference between your brokerage and a traditional brokerage?
The only difference is that for the showing if the property you are responsible for letting in buyers agents and prospective buyers.
Is it free to start setting up my listing?
Yes! There is no charge to create an account and begin creating your listing profile including image upload etc. We only collect the sales commission if your property sells.
What is the average amount of money saved by selling a property myself?
On average, a traditional brokerage will charge a "sellers agent fee" usually around 2.5% of the sales price of the home. We are charging 40% of that, 1%.
How is it possible for me to save this much? How can you compete?
By rethinking how homes are sold we realized that if the seller was willing to take care of the physical showings, we could still close the property A-Z but also save the sellers thousands of dollars. Our efficient platform enables us to manage a larger volume of prospective sellers.
How do I show my property?
Once your property is listed we will register your email address with the ShowingTime integrated system. When buyers agents would like to make an appointment, you will be notified of the appointment request via email and you can either accept or deny the request. As part of our program it is your responsibility to show the property to the prospective buyers. If you are a remote seller and are not able to show the property we still have a solution for you with a smart electronic lockbox that has a verification process so that only licensed agents can access the property via a one time unique code.
Will you still help me determine the market value of my home?
Yes! For sellers who need help we are always here to assist and provide guidance.
Can I make changes to my listing information after it has gone live on the MLS?
Yes! All of your changes are tracked and are replicated to the appropriate MLS system.
Can I sell my property with this system even if I dont want it on the MLS?
Yes! Although it is not common, you can opt out of listing your property on the MLS and we can find a private buyer for you.
Is a buyers commission still required?
Yes, if a buyers agent brings a buyer to the table, we must pay the buyers agent for their service. You decide the buyers agent fee ahead of time. We strongly encourage a 2.5% buyers agent commission as this will attract more agents and buyers to your property. The only way to avoid that commission expense is if you are able to find a buyer for your home who is not already working with an agent.
Hi, Have a look around! Let us know if you have any questions.