List and sell your home on the MLS for a 1% Sales Commission!

  1. You still get a Realtor, Brokerage, MLS listing, and Title Company for closing.
  2. Have full control - Our platform gives you full control of the listing and allows you to make modifications at any time.
  3. Ease of use - All of the information in one place. Seemless processes, faster turn around.
  4. All of the same great service only difference is you show the home yourself and save thousands.
We are an innovative technology driven real estate brokerage that allows you to save 70% or more on the sales commission but deliver the same great service. List your home on the MLS using the AuctionTumbler "Sell Property Platform". Listing your home is free. We only get paid if your home sells. Everything still remains the same as far as having a great realtor, brokerage and title company. The realtor is still considered a full service realtor completing all of the tasks a traditional realtor would do, only exception is showing the property to prospective buyers. Fortunately for you, in todays market you will likely get a few offers, sometimes within a few hours. Choosing a qualified buyer has become much easier than in the past. If you need help choosing the right buyer we can definitely help you with that. Once a buyer and seller have come to an agreement we push the deal through like a well oiled machine.

Our Fees

We charge a 1% sales commission, which goes to our brokerage, Auction Tumbler Real Estate LLC, License Number: coming soon.

Our Why

We feel that the way homes are sold in the United States is outdated and expensive. Using proprietary technology and our nifty platform, we have made selling a home from start to finish extremely easy and efficient for an owner.

Benefits of the Service

This product is for you if...
  • Time is important:

    Do not like waiting for email that could have otherwise gone directly to you.

  • Skip the middleman:

    Any documents requested will go directly to you so their is no middleman in between.

  • Save money:

    You hate giving away a ton of money. A traditional realtor will often charge 2.5% * $300,000 = $7,500 commission. Compare that to our 1% sales commission!

  • Experience:

    Between our parent brokerage and our preferred title servicer we have closed thousands of sales. We will have absolutely no problem closing your property on your behalf.

Assigned Brokerage & Realtor

Jamie Klingman (Lead real estate broker)

Brokerage Name: QuickList Real Estate, LLC
Brokerage Address: 5523 W Cypress St #202 Tampa, FL 33607
Brokerage Phone: 727-900-5807
Parent Realtor Association: GTR

William Howley (assigned realtor/agent)

Brokerage Name: QuickList Real Estate, LLC
Brokerage Address: 5523 W Cypress St #202 Tampa, FL 33607
Direct Cell: 813-710-0743

Preferred Title

Barbara Niswonger (Preferred partner)

Company Name: Americas Title Corp
Address: 8517 Gunn Hwy, Odessa, FL 33556
Phone: 877-446-1476
Barbara Niswonger's team with America's Title Corp has been performing title services in the state of Florida for over 25 years. Barbara's team has completed thousands of closings and has succeeded with constant repeat business. America's Title Corp is a trusted source for all types of closings regardless of their complexity or type. Americas Title Corp is a National Title Company.
Counties in which we can sell properties.

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