8950 PARK BLVD # 603, SEMINOLE, FL 33777

Auction Status: SOLD
Auction Date: 10-14-2020
Auction Date: 2020-10-14
Main Characteristics
Assessed value: $50,948
Final judgement: $17,556
Additional Specifications
Property ID: 296198
Auction Information
Auction Status: SOLD
Auction Date: 10-14-2020
Sold date: 2020-10-14
Winner type: 3rd Party Bidder
Winner Name: IntegraDay Investments, Inc.
Winning amount: $63,100
Plaintiff max bid: Hidden
Final judgement url: open
Case number: 522019CC000279XXCOCO
Auction url: open
On page: 1
Location and Zoning
Parcel ID: 26-30-15-80013-001-6030
Zillow Real Estate Search
zillow Range: 78,608 - 95,884
$/sqft range: value is not numeric
zEstimate: 86,382
Rent zEstimate: 1000
zillow comparables (opens new page): url
zillow updated this information: 10/20/2020
Zillow direct link (opens new page): url
Auction History
2020-10-14, Status: SOLD
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