Auction Status: Bidder Walked Away
Auction Date: 12-02-2022
Hillsborough County
Auction Date: 2022-12-02
Main Characteristics
Assessed value: $554,627
Final judgement: $14,546
Beds: 5.00
Baths: 3.00
Stories: 2.00
Units: 1.00
Sqft interior: 3677.00
Sqft total gross: 4737.00
Lot size (acres): 0.32
Year built: 2003
County Market Value: $554,627
County Taxable Value: $473,204
Depreciated Building Value: $377,279
County Land Value: $122,232
Additional Specifications
County condition description: Average
Frame type: Masonry Or Concrete Frame
Wall type: Wd/Mtl Frm: Stucco
Air Conditioning: Central
Roof type: Gable Or Hip
Architectural style: Contemporary Multi-Story
Property ID: 539619
Auction Information
Auction Status: Bidder Walked Away
Auction Date: 12-02-2022
Sold date: 2022-12-02
Winner type: 3rd Party Bidder
Winner Name: Bay To Gulf Holdings, LLC
Winning amount: $231,100
Plaintiff max bid: Hidden
Final judgement url: open
Case number: 292017CC007405A001HC
Auction url: open
On page: 1
Location and Zoning
Legal Description: CITRUS WOOD UNIT 1 LOT 6 BLOCK 1
Zone name: RSC-4
Parcel ID: 2129305LK000001000060U
Property appraiser url: open
Auction History
2015-04-10, Status: Canceled per County
2015-07-10, Status: Canceled per County
2014-11-07, Status: Canceled per County
2018-02-02, Status: Canceled per County
2019-05-10, Status: Canceled per Bankruptcy
2021-06-18, Status: Canceled per County
2022-05-13, Status: Canceled per Bankruptcy
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