Auction Status: SOLD
Auction Date: 01-23-2023
Orange County
Auction Date: 2023-01-23
Main Characteristics
Assessed value: $362,874
Final judgement: $7,623
Additional Specifications
Property ID: 542345
Auction Information
Auction Status: SOLD
Auction Date: 01-23-2023
Sold date: 2023-01-23
Winner type: 3rd Party Bidder
Winner Name: Frank Berzanskis Isabelle Owens
Winning amount: $150,200
Plaintiff max bid: $11,166
Final judgement url: open
Case number: 2022-CC-003567-O
Auction url: open
On page: 1
Location and Zoning
Parcel ID: 312233947101150
Property appraiser url: open
Auction History
2017-05-24, Status: SOLD
2022-08-12, Status: Canceled per County
2022-09-08, Status: SOLD
2022-11-16, Status: SOLD
2023-01-23, Status: SOLD
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