Data Points Explained

Data points are all of the possible fields that can be associated with a property. Some of them are obvious such as "beds" and some are not such as "parcel Id". Purpose of this document is to relieve any confusion that might exist in regards to the property meta data.

Auction Status Can be either Active, Inactive, Sold, Re-scheduled or Cancelled.
Auction Date Date the auction should be held.
Sold Date Date the property was sold at auction.
Winning Amount When sold, amount the winning bidder paid. Not, if the reserve was not met the winning amount will be the reserve price of the bank.
Winner Type Can be either Plaintiff (the bank), or Third Party (a private investor)
Case Number Is an identification number the site uses to track the auction listing.
Case URL Url to the detail page of the listing on the site.
Listing Page Is On Deprecated - was the page the listing was on.
Final Judgement Amount Amount the court system closed the case on, generally this is the total debt and costs associated with the property.
Parcel ID An identification number permanently assigned to the parcel of land the property is located on when it was created. This id is generated at the county government level, and is useful for doing title or land research.
Property Address Street Regular mailing street address associated with the property.
Property Address City City of the property.
Property Address Zip Zip of the property.
Assessed Value Is the value that the government has asssed to the property for taxing purposes. Note, assed value could be outdated if the property was not recently assesed. Generally when a property is sold it is re-assessed by the government to give an up to date assessed taxable value.
Plaintiff Max Bid Generally not displayed, occasionally the bank (plaintiff) will disclose their max bid to the public. If you beat that price, and any other bidders, the property is yours!
Final Judgement Url This is a url to the County Clerk website that will display the detail page of the document responsible for issuing the Final Judgement on the property at auction.
Property Appraiser Url Property appraiser is a county government run maintained website that will display specific information on the property considered public knowledge, including the current owners information, and specifics such as the layout of the property and parcel information.
Street Map Url Direct url to google street map.
Satellite View Url Direct url to google Sattellite view.
Zillow Url Link to Zillow for an estimated value
Legal Description All properties have what is called a "Real estate legal description", They look something like this "BUCKINGHAM AT TAMPA PALMS LOT 14 BLOCK 2". It describes precisely which parcel the property sits on, and is used by civil engineers lawyers, government officials. Relates to you for property research.
Google Latitude Exact google latitude of the property.
Google Longitude Exact google longitude of the property.
Beds Value How many bedrooms are in the property.
bathsValue How many Bathrooms are in the property.
Sqft Value Interior total square footage of the property
Fire Place Value If the unit has fire place, value will be 1.
Lot Size Value Size of the yard.
Basement Value If they have a basment will be 1
apn parcel Value
Heat Type Value Type of heat, oil, natural gas etc...
Roof Type Value Type of Roof: Tin roof, flat roof, etc...
Zoning Value Type of zone it is in, Commercial, Residential, Industrial...
Pool Value If it has a pool it will be 1.
Garage Value If it has a garage it will be 1
Air conditionign Value Type of air conditioning: central air, window units...
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