Winning Auction Final Payment

Location: Hillsborough County, FL. This is a sample email that will be sent by the County after you win a property at auction, it will allow you to forecast the additional expenses and fees.

Fee Calculation Worksheet

Final bid amount (winning bid) $49800.00
Minus 5% deposit paid at the time of the sale $2490.00
Balance Due $47310.00

Clerk's Fees
3% of the first $500 of the final bid amount $15.00
1.5% of the remainder of the final bid amount $739.50
Total Clerk's Fees $754.50

Additional Fees
Electronic Auction Fee $70.00
Doc Stamps $348.60
Total Additional Fees $418.60

Balance Due $47310.00
Total Clerk's Fees $754.50
Total Additional Fees $418.60

Total Due by 12 PM the next business day $48483.10
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