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A County that is selected to search on. Only one county can be viewed at a time. A default county can be set within your account settings if you are logged in.
B Non-members get limited access to data, so if there are 100 auctions available for a particular search and you are not a member you may only see 25 of them. Please subscribe today and help support the Auctiontumbler initiative!
C Main Search button. After selecting all of the criteria you want hit this to run the search.
D This is the main input section in which you can specify criteria to reduce the amount of listings returned. By clicking the top area "D" you can toggle the entire section closed.
E Click on the date input box to select a date. The date is strict in its format, must be mm/dd/yyyy The FROM Date must be lower than the TO date. It is allowed to put in past date ranges, thus looking up past auctions that were sold. It is also allowed to only input 1 of the 2 inputs, for example: Date FROM: 3/11/2016, while leaving the Date TO input blank will return all results greater than 3/11/2016 date.
F Final Judgement is the amount that the court settled on as "total owed" between mortages and lawter fees etc. You are allowed to put any range in here. Use plain number format 10000, not: 10,000, not: $10000.
G Assessed Value is the assessed value from the County. Assessed value can be outdated as the county does not frequently re-assess properties. Assessed value has proven however to be a good starting point to prediction auction sell prices. This can be an extremely useful tool to cut down auctions that must fit within a certain critiera budget.
H Add specific ranges such as Bedrooms from: 2, Bedrooms To: 4. Which will return all auctions that have 2,3, or 4 bedrooms.
I Some auctions do not have an address believe it or not. This is because this is the way the information is from it's original source. It can often be more work to track down and researc these auctions. But often times because of this they are overlooked and could hold opportunities overlooked by others. By default these are excluded from search. If you are feeling frisky you can check this box to include them in your results.
J When registered and logged in you are able to save listings from a listing detail page. Once saved a listing will appear in the results list with a green background indicating you have saved it for later review. Checking this box will only display the listings that you have saved.
K When registered and logged in you are able to "remove" listings. This is most commonly used when someone looks at a listing and decides the listing is useless to them. Clicking this box will mark these listings with a grey background. Currently (3/10/16) the system is still keeping the "removed" listings in the results.
L In Florida condos often have HOA liens attached to them. Some investors prefer not to seek out condos and thus automatically elmininating them from results can save time. Click this box to remove condos from your results.
M This is the "Select Columns to Display Section". The checkboxes you select in here will decide the columns that actually appear in the table of results below. How cool is that! It is possible to select all of the columns but the table will be very wide. Not every county releases the same information and thus some columns may not be available in certain counties. If you are selecting a county such as Sarasota, and do not see this full list of columns it is because on our end, we have "county column management system". The system will only display the available columns of information that a particular county has access too. Thus we will not display a column such as "County Taxable Value" if the county does not have that information available.
N The columns you decide to view can be a critial point of strategy. For example in Hillsborough, "Zone name" is available and your strategy may be to acquire properties that are zoned for residential / commercial use and thus have a larger scope of clients to sell too. Another strategy would be to select "Units" which would allow you to view and sort by multi unit properties. The straegies are endless, but allowing custom views is our means to getting you there.
O Some columns are only meant for past sold date ranges and by default are not selected. For example, Sold Date (when an auction was sold), would only show values if the date range was in the past. You can select this button to automatically select the default past checkboxes.
P Selecting this button will automatically select the default future checkboxes for a standard easy view.
Q Once finished with your search criteria hit the "SEARCH AUCTIONS" buttons Exhibit "C" at the top and the results will appear in a table below. The two main sections "D" and "M" will automatically collapse for your convenience. You can re-open them and change your search criteria than hit SEARCH AUCTIONS again to refresh the table with new results.
Hi, Have a look around! Let us know if you have any questions.