Load Data Layer

    The Remote Investing Tool

  • Ability to click, and see the underlining map, and then bring back the opacity, something along those lines, like a toggle, so we can see the map, and verify the city underneath.
  • attempt to expand the map, and move the content to the top right, fixed position, in some way. Might as well extract css at that point.
  • SELECT: select is still an issue, that is a deep seeded mysterious issue.
  • Auto Zoom: See if you can somehow, keep track of the zoom level, and the coordinates, of like where the user is, that way if they select a different Layer and Load Map, it would just load the map, exactly where you last were, making it a seemless experience.
  • in the Key, there needs to be a grey one for "Data not found"
  • Matt Tack Notes: Median income data points are huge. Typically best resident are between 70-90k for workforce housing. Other data points would be rental %, foreclosure(s), industry (economic anchors), employment growth for those anchors. For instance, we like Augusta because it has Medical, military and a strong growth in cyber security.
Hi, Have a look around! Let us know if you have any questions.