Zoning Research Example

Understanding what a property is zoned for and what its use code is, is important to know what you can legally do with the property. This can dramatically effect a property values. Research is important. Below is an example of a property I am interested in and I want to do some research on its zoning / use code to know what can and cant be done on the property.

Goal: Would like to invest in this property to possibly add some mobile homes for rentability, or storage for people's boats etc. Is that even possible on this land?
Location / Title: 062089-0004 E. HITTE TRL, SEFFNER, Florida 33584, Active
Price: $85,000
Description: There are 4.79 acres of land currently zoned AR with a use code of 99B5/Avergage Class 2, the property is wooded. Additional information: According to Hillsborough County Zoning the property can be subdivided into 1-acre residential lots, it can not be zoned commercial.

1. Get to the county's zoning website http://www.hillsboroughcounty.org/index.aspx?NID=904

2. Find the Land Development Code (LDC) website

3. In our example the Zoning district is "AR". use the reference sheet to get the Short description, Hillsborough Zoning districts. short description is "Agricultural Rural".

4. Figure out what "Agricultural Rural" means from a legal standpoint. using Link, We found that AR properties can have Mobile Homes, but how many? what acreage is necessary for each? Interestingly enough, the 2025 Future use map has this land planned to be "urban mixed use", which I believe is a good thing. This could make it easier for me to get it rezoned to something more useful. If rezoned the property could be worth more to a corporate type business.

5. Figure out what "use code 99B5/Avergage Class 2" means.

Hi, Have a look around! Let us know if you have any questions.