Welcome, the landing page for the "County Comparator Map" CCM

We are proud to present a new free tool that is able to eloquently display a multitude of data layers for every County in the United States. Within seconds you can identify emerging markets, look at population changes, unemployment and more. This map was specifically designed to help real estate investors, but it could also be used for people starting new businesses or wanting to move to growing areas etc.

This page is used as the documentation for the tool. It has been seperated from the tool on purpose. Here you can learn about how to use the tool, its main purpose, useability documentation and more. This tool is unrelated to the primary functionality of AuctionTumbler which is foreclosure auction research / subscription.

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one year population change by county

FAQ - Initial

What was the original objective to building the County Population Map?
The original objective was to pinpoint emerging real estate markets, to make sensible real estate investment decisions on a national level. When analyzing a multi-family property, we want to verify and cross reference the location against some macro and micro level data points to make the best possible decision.

FAQ - How to Use

How do I actually use the tool?
When the tool first loads it will take a 4-8 seconds. After that you can select the layer you would like to apply to the map. Then you have the ability to click on a county to see all of the available data for that county. Additionally, there is an input box in which you can immidiately go to a particular address, city, or state.
Can I use the County Population Map on mobile devices? Which Browsers?
The tool should only be used on a desktop computer or laptop. Although it does technically work on mobile devices, due the massive amount of calculations and iterations, it could freeze the browser of your phone or tablet. Should work for all browsers, but we only tested and developed in Chrome.
What are the various data layers that are currently available?
Below are the available layers you are able to see per county within the tool. We are only releasing population data for the first public release, but many more data types can easily be added in the future.

Available Options:

FAQ - Development Notes

What were some of the major development obstacles?
There were many challenges. Due to the massive scale of the county data; in order for this to not crash your browser was a challenge. An extreme amount of care needed to be taken in order to make this even possible. Meaning, loops had to be removed or re-written to be more efficient. The data has to be pre-processed and analyzed ahead of time in a seperate process. Data extraction and mapping of county geographic data to Census raw data all ahead of time.
Creating the proper color scale for different data sets was challenging. Each set of data needs an assigned unique scale because the same scale cannot be used on every array of data.
How can I make some suggestions?
If you feel like you have benefitted from the County Population Map, or you have some suggestions, please contact us here.
Email us at: auctiontumbler@gmail.com
Hi, Have a look around! Let us know if you have any questions.