Advantages of Auction Tumbler

All the data in one place

Auction Tumbler specializes in aggregating real estate auction data from multiple sources to one centralized location. Having this data in one location gives us the unique ability to query this data in meaningful ways otherwise not possible. Save time by eliminating preliminary research and search by criteria that matter to you. Need to find properties between $70,000 - $90,000 in a particular location? Searches like this are now possible! Compare your target property to properties that recently sold at auction allowing you to get an estimate of what your property will sell for. View properties by location. Tons of add on abilities, historical data, trends. Ability to create notifications for new foreclosures that meet your location requirements. Get daily emails of foreclosure daily results. Property Detail pages.

The Auction Tumbler Research Approach

Normally an investor would sift through thousands of future properties than copy and paste information into an excel document. The majority of the properties you come across will not be of interest to you. How much is your time worth in comparison to using tools to efficiently accomplish the task you set out for. Save properties of interest, and immediately get all of their details. Keep notes, and access your information anywhere.

Search by Location

Search by Map View to find auctions by location. This is a common strategy among successful investors. Location based search is a great way to find undervalued properties in decent neighborhoods.

Understanding the Market

Understanding the market on a macro level is important information to make educated estimates on your target property. Imagine being able to answer questions such as, How many properties were sold last year? How many properties were sold between $40,000 and $50,000 last month? How much did they sell for? For those properties that sold, are there any relationships between Final Judgement, Assessed Value, or Estimated value? Answer these questions and become an expert in the field of buying properties at auction.

Mobile Friendly

Our entire application is Mobile / Tablet friendly and works in all browsers. This is a great benefit to complete research on the go, or on break at work.

Make More Money

Get an edge over other investors. Save time by cutting out unnecessary search techniques. Find better deals. Understand past data to predict the future!

Screenshot functionality examples

Find out what investors have been keeping secret.
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